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At S. R. Teknics we offer sales, installation, and repair services for bakery and pastry machinery.

We sell all kinds of machinery and accessories for the bakery sector, always working with high-quality products at competitive prices.








We have more than 30 years of experience in the bakery and pastry sector, we provide quick effective service and completely personalized to our clients. This service provides answers and alternatives that are adapted to the customer’s quality and production needs.

Dough rounders

S. R. Teknics is a specialist in designing and manufacturing dough rounder machines for the bakery industry. We offer two versions of the Mod. HT rounder according to the hydration of the dough.

Water dispensers

We design, manufacture, and market water dispensers for pastry and bakery. 

dosificador de agua para panaderia

Sale of machinery and equipment

We offer all kinds of machinery and production lines for artisan and industrial bakeries. We help our customers to choose the equipment that best suits our customer needs to produce the best product.

equipment bakery industry

Electronic devices

Nous concevons et fabriquons notre propre gamme de produits électroniques, destinés aux machines et installations pour boulangeries et pâtisseries.

We design, and manufactures our own range of electronic products, designed for industrial automatitation of machinery and processes.

electronic device bakery machine

Spare parts for machinery

We have a large stock of spare parts for machinery of all brands, especially the MATIMAR and RAIMAR brands. Consult our technical department for availability and delivery time.

spare parts bakery machine


S.R. Teknics offers an after-sales maintenance service and technical assistance to ensure that any incident in the production line is attended to and solved quickly and efficiently.

mantenimiento maquinaria panficación

Machinery recovery

We adapt and renew old machinery to maintain the required safety levels and / or an improvement in the quality and production of the product. Installation of protection measures, automation of obsolete lines and facilities and any improvement that serves to optimize the work process.

recovery machines bakery

We have more than 30 years' experience behind us.

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